SING A NEW LIGHT is an ongoing program to commemorate those souls who were killed in the October 27, 2018 shooting. Three of the New Light Congregation members who were murdered, Dan Stein, Rich Gottfried and Mel Wax’s memory were not only pillars of synagogue, Dan and Rich also formed the choir.

To preserve our martyrs’ memory SING A NEW LIGHT was born, a musical healing series engaging New Light Congregation and the Pittsburgh Jewish Community, whereby Jewish college a cappella choirs from around the country will visit Pittsburgh and join the New Light Shabbat services. The choirs will then conduct a workshop with local Pittsburgh community partners to re-create a choir experience. These educational sessions will feature Shabbat liturgical music taught from a fresh dynamic perspective, using the human voice as its sole instrument. All singers welcomed. Culminating the weekend, the choir will collaborate with the community partners to create a unique concert experience in unconventional and intimate settings within the community to honor the victims and uplift survivors of this tragedy.