Join Tizmoret for New Light’s Friday Night Services

Join New Light Congregation and Sing A New Light to watch Tizmoret the award-winning a cappella choir from Queens College on their virtual concert Tiz A Small World – get a sneak peak of Tiz at NL’s Friday Night Service on 6/12/2020 at 6pm – RSVP below.



Tizmoret is on their way to Mexico – tune in and support their trip by sponsoring a song – see list below.

Magevet Visits Pittsburgh to SING A NEW LIGHT

The first installment of SING A NEW LIGHT featuring Magevet of Yale University and Hillelujah of Hillel Jewish University Center of Pittsburgh,. This past week’s torah portion was about people coming together to rebuild a temple, very fitting to start a project of rebuilding and re – dedication in spirit and song as from the generosity of 283 donors. There was beautiful music, great food, conversation and sharing, even a lesson in proper #terribletowel swinging technique ensued. The program was also supported by the Jewish Federation of Greater PittsburghSlifka Center , Moishe House, Chatham University and New Light Congregation


I woke up this morning in Pittsburgh after a challenging night spent on Megabus from NYC. Unusual traffic downtown at such an early hour, when it is usually desolate. Are these news reporters, Pitt’s homecoming or the remnants of the Slate convention making their way home. Uber costs $36 to get home, it’s usually $11 so something’s up. Is this what happens when the world descends on our little beloved town? Have to wonder if this hustle and bustle is temporary or now the norm. Finishing up the website and fighting with technology. At least something’s never change.